The Barrowbrook Frontier

18 August 343

Rava, Kor and Rook made their way along the Old Spice Road to Rivercrest, followed by the lone vulture the whole way. Rook was exhausted, having been kept awake by horrible nightmares the night before.

Their time in Rivercrest proved productive. Rook was able to learn from Innkeeper Simmons at the Mighty Goblet that the man in the picture had been through town just the day before. Also, interestingly, he had also been seen in town over a month before, attempting to locate a missing caravan in the company of a decent bard.

The group opted to stay in town for the rest of the day so that Rook could avail himself of a dry bed. Warily, they watched the skies, as the vulture kept circling…



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