The Barrowbrook Frontier

19 August 343

The group headed north on the Old Spice Road following the lead they had gleaned the day before. After crossing the River Zev, they made good time to Hell’s Way Inn, shadowed the entire time by the strange vulture.

Hell’s Way was busy, as per usual. After speaking to a group of dwarves, Rook made his way to the bar where he learned from one of the three brothers that the man they were looking for was named Adram Thorsson, recently named a lord of the Shire of Reeds.

Rook moved with purpose, gathering his allies and making for Mistwick, intent on going to Reeds and burning it down as was done to his home.

The trip to Mistwick took a little over an hour, and the party passed through the gates at Sydslot Castle without incident. Immediately Rook began asking around, looking for leads on this “Adram Thorsson.” Unfortunately, the people he chose to ask had no insight; the best he could manage was a tip from the proprietress of the Whispering Plate that the information he sought might be found in the slums on the west side of town.

Rook and company wandered into the slums, and took a wrong turn into a blind, dead-end alley. At the end of the alley they found their quarry: a man matching Adram’s description, wielding a wicked, barbed glaive.

“Nobody was to survive Caranton,” growled Adram, and he proceeded to cast a summoning spell. Rifts of flame opened up, and eight strange creatures appeared in a burst of brimstone. Kor identified these new creatures as lemures, a type of mindless devil.

Rava acted quickly, casting glitterdust on Adram and some of the lemures. Adram staggered back, blinded, and growled out a threat before disappearing in a burst of flame. Spells were flung and arrows were shot, and the lemures were all banished back to Hell.

Suddenly, as the fight ended, Adram appeared again, plunging his glaive deep into Rava’s back. Rava fell to the ground as Adram growled, “I’ll be coming for you.” Before the others could react, Adram disappeared again in a burst of fire and brimstone.

Shaken, Kor and Rook called the guard to take Rava to the healers to see if anything could be done. Shaken, they retired to a room at the Drunken Champion to rest.



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