The Barrowbrook Frontier

In Dreams

A few days after returning to Mistwick, Abel fell into a mysterious illness. Consulting with healers brought no results. Not even Mendelbrot could shed light on Abel’s condition. The speed of his deterioration was such that there didn’t seem to be much hope for him…until Makhariel returned.

Makhariel advised them that Abel had been afflicted by the devil’s poison, and that there was only one cure. Unfortunately, that cure was a ritual contained within the legendary Carmendine Codex…which lay on another world entirely.

Makhariel sent Rook and Kor to a place called Castle Loenwald, where the Codex was rumored to be. After fighting their way through strange men and strange machines, finding wondrous devices far beyond any known to them, they managed to locate the Codex and perform the ritual to return.

The ceremony contained within the Codex successfully cured Abel. As he recovered, Makhariel took the Codex and returned it from whence it came, leaving Rook and Kor only with their misty memories of the strange castle. Those, and the strange artifacts they returned with: the Sanguine Chalice and the Focused Skull.

Rook and Kor: both 500



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