Zardoz-K witch doctor and spirit talker


Kor was a member of a tribe of Zardoz-K, residing in the hilly plains of Kirkhill Downs, until the tribe had the misfortune of looting the remnants of a wrecked trade caravan of the South Seas Mining Company. After being infiltrated by a small group of unknown assailants late one night, a skirmish which resulted in Kor’s brother Roy losing his life, the tribe was set upon and decimated by mercenaries hired by the company. Kor was the only survivor.

Kor took up residence with his friend Rava, a Vanara druid living on the outskirts of Brightwood Forest. It was here that he came to travel in the company of Garrett Rook, and traveled with him into Mistwick seeking those responsible for the massacre at Caranton.


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