Kormak the Wolf

Mysterious hunter and tracker with a giant black horse


Kormak keeps his face hidden in shadow as often as possible. He accomplishes this through some manner of cloak, though it is unclear how exactly this is accomplished, as not even darkvision is capable of registering his face while his hood is drawn. The cloak itself is made of a subtly red-tinged black fabric on one side, while the other side is decorated with a pattern of leaves typical of the subtropical deciduous forests of Barrowbrook.

Kormak also wears a military-style jacket tunic with five red chevrons on the sleeves, breeches, and an old pair of worn boots. He is almost always wearing black kidskin gloves. He smells constantly of harsh tobacco smoke and old leather. His voice is hoarse and gravelly, and he speaks with a cultured accent.


Kormak the Wolf

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