Vanara Arcane Hierophant from Towonga Basin


Rava of Towonga Basin


Rava is a typical Vanara — just under five feet tall and simian. Physically slight, he is nonetheless agile and hale, and has a penetrating intellect and keen senses. He is learned in matters arcane and primal, and is a gifted herbalist, alchemist and healer.


Rava once resided at the edge of Brightwood Forest a half-day east of Caranton. He maintained a hut there and enjoyed polite relations with the elves of the forest.

Rava became involved with the campaign when an acquaintance of his, Kor, brought a badly-wounded man from the calamity at Caranton to his hut for care. Rava tended this injured man back to health, and then departed with him and Kor to attempt to uncover the perpetrator of the horrible attack.

Rava met his end at the point of a ghastly spear in an alley in Mistwick while attempting to track down the one responsible for the Caranton massacre.


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