The Brothers Morgodos

The three proprietors and bartenders of Hell's Way Inn


The three brothers are named Eiclacon, Magothego and Brane. (Pronounced AY-clah-con, ma-GO-thu-go and BRAYN.) They are legendary, though retired, warriors, who once fought for the now-deposed kingdoms of the Elaur-L. They swear they are biological brothers, even though Brane appears to have dwarven blood in him, Magothego bears the air of an elf, and Eicalcon seems to have a hint of goblin.

The brothers have run Hell’s Way Inn for over three decades, setting up shop during the closing days of the Long War. In that time, they have appeared not to age, lending credence to the notion that they are not, in fact, fully human.


The Brothers Morgodos

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