Sanguine Chalice

A cup of sacrifice, that both takes and gives...


The chalice requires a sacrifice of blood in order to function. Three times per day, a person who puts one HP worth of blood into the cup may then drink the blood from the cup (or offer it to someone else). The imbiber must drink all the blood in the cup; upon doing so, he gains the cup’s benefit.

The first time the cup is activated in a day, the drinker gains the benefit of a cure serious wounds spell. The second time the cup is activated, the drinker is affected by cure moderate wounds and the third time, cure light wounds. Each spell is as though cast by a 10th-level cleric.

Further attempts to use the chalice on a given day are ineffectual.

Filling the cup takes one round, and drinking from it is a standard action.


Sanguine Chalice

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