The Barrowbrook Frontier

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July 18, 343
The Elven Incursion

Mendelbrot enlisted the characters to handle a matter brought to his attention by Sheriff Averin of Levenshire. Without delay, they journeyed to his manor ten miles north of Mistwick along the Old Spice Road. Sheriff Averin advised them that the favor he needed was for the characters to investigate some poaching in Fallhollow Forest, and to keep the matter discreet.

Realizing that their ability to track poachers wasn’t exactly up to the task, the characters returned to Mistwick. Adram, Shimorek and Abel went to the Seedy and Dim to try and recruit a tracker, while Balthazar went back to Mendelbrot’s Curios to find out just exactly how much Mendelbrot planned on paying them for this “favor.”

While Balthazar was receiving a measure of Mendelbrot’s annoyance, the rest of the party located a mysterious figure who claimed to be the best tracker in the city. He introduced himself as Kormak the Wolf, and agreed to accompany them for a fee of fifty kroner per day, plus expenses.

After taking an hour to make their preparations, the party met up with Kormak and went to the stables. Kormak mounted an enormous black warhorse and the rest got their own horses, and off they rode towards Fallhollow.

They arrived in the forest around dinnertime, but Kormak went straight to work. It wasn’t long before they came across the remains of a slain deer. The animal had been field-dressed; all that was left for the party to find were its viscera.

After inspecting the remains and the surrounding area, Kormak declared the poaching to be the work of an elf. His evidence for this was that the one set of tracks he had found showed a man “stepping like a faerie,” and that the kill shot on the deer had been precisely accomplished with a very sharp broadhead arrow. Nonetheless, he had caught the scent, so onward the party went.

A few more hours’ tracking, made swift by Kormak’s apparent ability to sniff out their quarry, led to no further developments, and the party elected to make camp. Kormak demonstrated his degree of forethought by providing a nice dinner of bland stew and chewy bread from his field provisions box. Watches were then arranged, and the party bunked down for the night.

July 19, 343

The party awoke to Kormak the Wolf making breakfast, a mix of leftover stew and bread with some eggs that he had probably found off in the forest. It was surprisingly tasty for improvised trail food. After eating, the party picked up camp and continued their way into Fallhollow Forest on the trail of the poachers.

After a short while, not too far from where they had spent the night, the party came across another deer carcass, field-dressed in the same manner as the first. Kormak mused that it was odd that elves weren’t using the whole carcass, but the discovery of a fragment of elf-made arrowhead inside the unfortunate deer’s heart confirmed his suspicions as to the culprits.

The trail continued forward, but now there were wolf tracks along with the light footprints that Kormak had seen at the last site. With a growing feeling of unease, the party followed the trail, which appeared to be leading them towards the Twin Titans.

After some hours, Kormak announced that he could smell a cooking fire. Since they hadn’t hired him for combat, he suggested that the party move in to investigate while he kept them covered from range. They agreed to this, and made their way along the narrow forest path, which led up a steep, but short, hill between a pair of huge trees.

Upon cresting the hill, the party found themselves very near the base of the Titans. To their surprise, built very near to the huge rock spar was a small house, crafted of mossy stone and roofed with thatch. Huge, well-tended herb plants grew up along the front of the house, and a thin stream of smoke rose from the chimney.

While the party was contemplating its next move, it was suddenly addressed by a tiny doll perched in one of the nearby trees. This little creature was made up of sticks, twigs, brambles and bits of moss, with large black eyes and diaphanous dragonfly wings. It identified itself as a bogun, told them that its master was out for the moment, and suggested that they go wait in his sitting room.

Cautiously, the party acquiesced, and approached the small house. They discovered a mark over the front door, which Abel was able to identify as being the Sylvan word for “druid.” The door was unlocked (indeed, it had no lock at all), so the characters let themselves in amidst a cloud of dried herb fragrance and patchouli smoke.

Once inside, the characters found themselves standing in a cozy little sitting room, adorned with chairs and a table with a cheery fire burning in the hearth. The room itself appeared completely ordinary … until the characters looked up, to discover that the ceiling stretched up sixty feet! Moreover, the entire height of the room was filled with bookshelves, stuffed full of books and curios.

The characters didn’t have much time to reflect on this, however, as they caught sight of the resident of the house making his way down from the massive thicket that lay between the Twin Titans. Curiously, though he bore an ornate staff, he was wearing not a stitch of clothing. The characters waited as the old man entered through the back door of his house and emerged into the sitting room, now dressed in a rough hemp robe and wearing a pair of black-lensed spectacles.

The old man introduced himself as Thrydwulf the Sage, and welcomed them to his home. He offered them tea and inquired after their purpose. After hearing their story of poachers, he performed some kind of divination and saw that there were, indeed, poachers in his forest, though they came disguised and their purpose was something other. After concluding his divinations, he whistled for his wolf, Kieran, and instructed the animal to guide the players to where it had seen these poachers.

Kieran led the way, and after taking a moment to bond with Kormak, was hot on the trail, the party following closely behind. Kieran led them through the forest, until, near sunset, they came across another carcass, this one steaming fresh.

Before any of them could react, Kormak took three arrows directly to the chest, and slumped over. Kieran disappeared off into the woods as three cloaked figures bearing longbows set upon the party, weaving in and out of the undergrowth as they took their shots.

Balthazar rushed to Kormak’s aid as Shimorek, the power of Vaujon coursing through him, charged and splattered one of their enemies. Balthazar readied a potion to give to Kormak, only to find, to his surprise, that the arrows were slowly working themselves out of the mysterious man’s wounds! Moreover, when he fell, his cloak had fallen away from his face, revealing a bestial, grey, long-nosed, lumpy-skinned visage.

Undeterred, Balthazar got Kormak up with a potion, and Kormak promptly charged the nearest assailant, producing a pair of strange weapons out of what looked like nowhere. These strange weapons made short work of the unfortunate attacker. Balthazar charged the final figure and cut him down, then providing a potion to get it back on its feet for interrogation.

Unfortunately, the final attacker had other ideas, and attempted to retreat into the forest. Fortunately, a quick spell by Abel halted him in his tracks, and Balthazar beat him into the ground with gusto.

Kormak volunteered to perform the interrogation while the rest of the party searched the bodies amidst the horrible screams. The party discovered that the attackers were, indeed, elves; they wore elven chain, bore elven quickblades, boots of elvenkind, and elf-made magical longbows. One of them also bore a map, and another bore a strange platinum coin, of a kind none present had ever seen before.

Kormak returned, bearing the head of the final assailant, and informed the rest of the party that there were more elves, and that they weren’t elves at all: they were half-elves. The party gathered around to look at the map …

… and suddenly, magical sleep overtook them all, one by one.

They woke up a short while later, finding that they had not been taken in their sleep, nor was anything missing … except for the strange platinum coin, that Adram had put in his pocket. Shaking the magical sleep off, the party resolved to make camp, and track down the remaining poachers in the morning.

July 20, 343

The party passed the night again without incident, and the following morning made for the location noted on the map discovered on one of their disguised half-elf assailants the evening before. It wasn’t a long trip, and by midday they found themselves outside the poachers’ cache.

The smell of meat and blood was clearly apparent on the air, and they could readily see four of the elves gathered around a large campfire, on which was roasting a spitted haunch of deer. The other carcasses, picked clean and nothing more than bloody bones and discarded heads, were in a charnel pit some distance away from the camp.

Abel and Balthazar attempted to get closer to scout out the situation, but unfortunately, Balthazar forgot how sharp-eared elves, and even half-elves, can be. The elves heard him and attacked with their shortbows, moving around between their shots.

Kormak mounted his horse and charged in, while Adram took a moment to prepare his and Shimorek’s weapons. Meanwhile, Abel attempted to sneak around behind the elves — only to bump into another one! Reacting quickly, he cast a color spray, incapacitating the revealed elf, just as two more dropped out of the trees over the cache. These newcomers began flinging arrows at the party, and one of the newcomers bore a horrible surprise: the arrows from her bow split in half while she was firing, raining a deadly hail down on her opponents!

Despite this strong opposition, Adram’s magic, Shimorek’s strength, Balthazar’s skill and Abel’s spells rendered the fight short, brutal, and largely harm-free for the party. Kormak bore the brunt of the enemies’ attacks with utter unconcern, and in less than a minute the fight was over, the attackers all dead or fled into the forest.

The party investigated what was left behind, and made a disturbing discovery. In crates secreted in a hollow in the hill behind the cache were disguise kits, peasant clothes, and uniforms bearing the livery of the Sheriff of Levenshire. Worse, beneath all that was a small chest containing twelve mint-condition, shiny ketch. Though these coins were glamered to appear nonmagical, Adram saw through the deception and discovered that the coins in fact bore a powerful curse of illness. If spent, the party realized, these coins would have spread plague across the countryside.

The party took the coins, and their disturbing discoveries, back to Sheriff Averin, who listened to their story with a growing sense of horror. He urged the party to take the cursed coins back to Mendelbrot while he informed the Duke of the situation.

The characters did as instructed, and were pleased to discover that, upon their arrival in his shop, Mendelbrot awarded them each three thousand kroner worth of store credit. Upon seeing the chest of coins, however, his mood darkened. He promised to make some inquiries, and suggested that disposing of the coins would be excellent practice for Adram.

July 27, 343

On this day, each of the party members received instructions to present themselves before King Garalane IV in Pelunion with all due haste. After taking a bit of time to hurriedly secure themselves raiment fit for an audience with the king, the party made haste for their audience.

July 29, 343

On this day, the characters appeared before His Majesty King Garalane IV of Barrowbrook. The king thanked them for their efforts in thwarting the elvish plot to distribute cursed coins throughout the realm, informing them that their haste in bringing the matter to their attention averted a potential disaster and saved many lives.

In thanks and reward for their efforts, King Garalane declared the four to be Knights and Peers of the Realm, and awarded them fief in the Royal Shire of Reeds. He instructed them to survey their new territory and use whatever means they decided in order to revitalize the shire.

At the conclusion of their audience, the characters left Pelunion and headed for their new shire, just east of Mistwick.

Rewards for "The Sinister Poachers"

Here are the rewards gained from completing this adventure:

  • 10x suits of elven chain, market value 41,500 kroner
  • 10x boots of elvenkind, market value 25,000 kroner
  • 6x shortbow +1, market value 14,100 kroner
  • 4x longbow +1, market value 9500 kroner
  • 10x masterwork elven thinblade, market value 4000 kroner
  • 3000 kroner store credit at Mendelbrot’s Curios
  • 12x cursed coins, market value 360,000 kroner

In addition to this, all characters have received peerages as Knights of Barrowbrook, and have sworn fealty to His Majesty, King Garalane IV. They have the privilege of managing the Royal Shire of Reeds as they see fit, and are expected to pay an annual tax to the king, as well as provide protection of arms as the king deems necessary.

XP gained:
Abel: 2960 combat, 2000 RP and story, total 4960 XP
Adram: 2960 combat, 2000 RP and story, total 4960 XP
Balthazar: 2550 combat, 2000 RP and story, total 4550 XP
Shimorek: 2550 combat, 2000 RP and story, total 4550 XP

16 August 343

Rook woke up in a small room in a hut somewhere. A small oil lamp burned on a simple table. He lay on a simple bed of straw, his body wrapped in herb-soaked bandages. The last thing he remembered was fire falling from the heavens, destroying his town and consuming his wife and child in flames.

After gathering himself, he blew out the lamp so as to blend in with the darkness of the room. Meanwhile, his rousing had been noticed by Kor, who was in the common area of the hut waiting for Rava to return with the last bits of dinner. Kor attempted to ease Rook’s concerns, but Rook was having none of that. After demanding water and his clothes, Rook took Kor hostage at knifepoint, demanding to know where he was and what was going on.

Before Kor could answer, Rava returned with the last of the spices for his tapas. After calling out to Kor, Rava busied himself with the final preparations for dinner, and then called the other two to eat.

Warily, Rook let Kor up, and the two of them joined Rava for dinner. Over food, Rava and Kor explained to Rook that Kor’s tribe had found him in the ruins of Caranton, and had brought him to Rava for treatment at Kor’s insistence.

Rook wanted to return to Caranton immediately, but Rava and Kor put forth that wandering through the Downs late at night was not safe, and convinced him to wait until morning. Numb, Rook agreed, and fell into a troubled, nightmare-disturbed sleep.

17 August 343

Rook, Kor and Rava set out for Caranton, leaving the forest for the relative safety of the plains. The trip to Caranton took half a day, during which Rava periodically scampered off into the woods or fields to gather herbs.

Caranton was destroyed. Not a single building was left standing; most of them had been burnt to the foundation. Even the stones were melted; the devastation was horrible.

Rook went to investigate his home as Rava began casting a spell to gather information. Rook found that his basement had survived and his arms and armor, though covered with soot, were unscathed. Rook also found an embroidered handkerchief that his wife had made him and his daughter’s toy doll, which he took along with him.

Rook returned to his companions, where Rava informed him that the fire that had destroyed the town was the result of some powerful magic. He ambled off into the forest to attempt to find more information, while Rook and Kor returned to his basement for a drink.

Rava returned a few hours later, having confirmed from the animals in the forest that no survivors had been seen. Meanwhile, Rook, with the aid of Kor’s hypnosis, had produced a very accurate drawing of the man he had seen call down the fire. Short and slight, with long, dark hair and a goatee, the man had been wearing a distinctive breastplate with a fleur-de-lis motif. The three decided to head to the nearest town and see if they could find out who this man was and where he had gone.

The nearest town was Rivercrest, a day’s ride away along the Old Spice Road. As the three traveled, Rava noticed a vulture circling far above them, well out of the range of Rook’s bow. He remarked that this was unusual, as there was no indication that there was any dead things around.

The three kept marching, pushing themselves into fatigue to travel until after the sun had set. Finally, they made camp in a copse of trees near the roadside.

18 August 343

Rava, Kor and Rook made their way along the Old Spice Road to Rivercrest, followed by the lone vulture the whole way. Rook was exhausted, having been kept awake by horrible nightmares the night before.

Their time in Rivercrest proved productive. Rook was able to learn from Innkeeper Simmons at the Mighty Goblet that the man in the picture had been through town just the day before. Also, interestingly, he had also been seen in town over a month before, attempting to locate a missing caravan in the company of a decent bard.

The group opted to stay in town for the rest of the day so that Rook could avail himself of a dry bed. Warily, they watched the skies, as the vulture kept circling…


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