Bennett's Ford

Bennett’s Ford is a hamlet located upriver from Rivercrest along the River Zev. It is a tiny farming community with a population of under a hundred. The town itself consists of a small, nameless tavern, a general store, a mill, a smithy, and a dozen houses.

The Zev at Bennett’s Ford is fast-flowing and impossible to navigate, but shallow enough to ford easily. The mill is a waterwheel, driven by an engineered fast current. The fields surrounding Bennett’s Ford are mostly used to produce wheat, though many of the outlying fields now lie fallow.

The hamlet clings tenaciously to life in the face of raids from the Zardoz-K. It has few amenities for travelers; those wishing to stay the night can usually find lodging with Farmer Taristed, a doddering old man given to telling long, rambling stories. The general store stocks only items that would be of interest to farmers, as well as excess dried rations that the local farmers produce.

Bennett’s Ford has a mayor named Giles Bennett. He holds the position hereditarily, and his family owns the mill.

Player Activities

The players passed through Bennett’s Ford in pursuit of the stolen chest from the South Seas caravan. They spoke to Bennett, the bartender, the owner of the general store, and farmer Taristed, and then continued along the Zev after their quarry.

Bennett's Ford

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