Brightwood Forest

Brightwood Forest is a sprawling, old-growth forest located south of Kirkhill Downs on the continent of Brundonica. It measures roughly 20 leagues by 40 leagues, and is home to several different tribes of elves.

Brightwood Forest is notable for being the only source of Brightwood Dustcaps, an unusual mushroom that is harvested and, in a secret process known only to the local elves, turned into a very valuable and sought-after spice. This spice was the basis for the spice trade between the elves and Barrowbrook; unfortunately, since the Long War, the spice trade has been at a standstill.

Brightwood is controlled firmly by the various elf tribes that reside within it. Humans and other outsiders are permitted to travel freely only along the Old Spice Road and at the peripheries of the forest. The only human presence in the forest is the free town of Entrigan.

Player Activity

The players crossed through Brightwood Forest in pursuit of the raiders of the South Seas caravan. They were interdicted by Calaldur Undoril and his squad of rangers, and escorted through the forest to the edge of Shadowlight Moor. They then passed back through the forest along the north shore later that week.

Brightwood Forest

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