Grandfather Thunder

One of the two divinities recognized by the Zardoz-K, Grandfather Thunder has no clerics and does not grant spells. He is simply the sky, which stretches over all. He is paid homage by the Zardoz-K tribes, but not specifically worshiped. He occasionally invests favored souls with a portion of his power.

Grandmother Spider

The other of the two divinities recognized by the Zardoz-K, Grandmother Spider is the weaver of the Earth and all its lands. She has no clerics and does not grant spells. She, like her consort, is paid homage by the Zardoz-K tribes, and given offerings at their festivals. She occasionally invests favored souls with a portion of her power.

The Great Lady

The Great Lady, Malyandra the Wise, is the deity of all the dwarves on Parthenos. She is a goddess of light, duty, goodness, wisdom and temperance. She is Lawful Good and a greater deity. Her favored weapon is the morning star.

The Great Lady’s clerics must pray for their spells at dawn, and her clerics must channel positive energy. In addition, her followers, cleric and laity alike, are forbidden to imbibe alcohol. Dwarven followers gain Vow of Temperance as a bonus feat so long as they hold to this prohibition, but lose it irrevocably if they willingly break it.


Mauta is a commonly-recognized goddess of death. She appears as a decrepit old crone in a tattered black robe. Her hair is long and stringy and she wears a necklace of crow skulls. She is often depicted with a butter churn.

Mauta is roughly equivalent to Wee Jas, though her favored weapon is the quarterstaff and her iconography is obviously different. She is a Lawful Neutral greater deity, and her followers must channel negative energy.

The Noble Ancestors

This is the other major dwarven deity, consisting of an aggregate of all the souls of the dwarves, presumably everywhere, who have passed on. They are considered a greater divinity. Their favored weapon is, fittingly, the warhammer. Clerics of the Noble Ancestors must pray at dusk to recover their spells, as the morning is reserved for the lady.

The Noble Ancestors are Lawful Good, and their clerics must channel positive energy. Their domains are Community, Courage, Craft, Glory, Honor, Nobility, and Planning.

Dwarven clerics of the Noble Ancestors are considered to be followers of the Great Lady as well, though they do not pray to her. So long as they keep their own temperance intact, they may benefit as though they were followers of the Great Lady.


Wednesday is an aspect of Odin, and a reflection of the principles of magic, trickery, death, battle and glory. He is not a widely-followed god on Parthenos, but he does have his adherents. The third day of the week (Wednesday) is sacred to him, and a typical custom of his clerics is to collect the skulls of those they slay in battle.

Wednesday is True Neutral, and is considered a lesser deity on Parthenos. His clerics may channel either positive or negative energy.


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