The elves once controlled great stretches of forest on Estium, Brundonica and Indopina, but during the Long War, they were driven back. Now, their cultures are diminished, and only the great Court of the Stars remains of their great empires.


The predominant elvish culture of the world is that of the Court of the Stars, which holds demesne over most of Indopina. Despite the expanse of territory it controls, this elven empire is sparsely populated compared to the humans and especially the goblins. They are an ancient people, dating back to when the giants still held sway in the middle latitudes. They refer to themselves as the tu’a realtai, which translates as “people of the stars.”

The remnants of the elves which once resided on Estium are now confined to the islands west of Indopina. These elves, a displaced and war-torn people, call themselves the tu’a ndeor, or “people of tears.”

Finally, there are the small clans of wild elves which live in the forests of Brundonica. These elves generally do not have a specific name for themselves, being much more tribal than their southern brethren, but outsiders usually refer to them as “wood elves,” or “people of the woods.”

While more exotic elves are known to exist, their numbers are very small, and they generally live among their more populous cousins.


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