Giants are a race of large, human-like creatures. The primary difference is that they are, fittingly, substantially larger than the average human and, through ritual, they can grow larger still. The oldest giants stand almost twice as tall as a man, and are fiercely strong.

Game Rule Information

The Giants are as presented in Arcana Unearthed/Arcana Evolved. Giants can take racial levels as described, and have access to ritual feats.


Very little is known of the giants’ history. Their culture is vastly diminished from what it once was; giantish ruins litter the face of the world. Nobody knows what happened to their numbers, and an explanation does not appear in their oral history. All that is known for certain is that their time on Parthenos predates that of the humans and elves, and that they were once far more numerous than they are now.


The population of giants on Parthenos is small, perhaps less than ten thousand. They tend to stay away from lands populated by the Ostral-B, preferring the more artistic, poetic Brunnen-G. Giants believe that they were once caretakers of the world, and many still try to fulfill this role.


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