There are dozens of human “tribes” spread across Parthenos. Each has its own native dialect, though most speak Common. It is more commonplace for a human to identify himself by his kingdom affiliation rather than his bloodline, but those of the same bloodline tend to be culturally similar.

The Zardoz-K

The Zardoz-K are a scattered tribe of barbarian raiders. They tend to wear saffron-colored loincloths and cloaks and are known both for their horseback riding skills and their fondness for explosives and firearms.

Zardoz-K tribes are meritocracies, usually consisting of about 50 warriors and 100 non-combatants, of whom the strongest fighter is chieftain. All tribes wear the same general outfit, a saffron loincloth with waist-high leather boots and bandoliers. A Zardoz-K who is separated from his tribe must go through a period of mourning before joining a new tribe in a “blood-swearing” ritual.

New Zardoz-K players are illiterate, but gain Mounted Combat or Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Firearms as a bonus feat. Zardoz-K players must also spend their first four skill points in Ride.

The Ostral-B

The Ostral-B are the dominant human tribal culture. They control vast swaths of territory on Brundonica, Coratia and Estium, vast kingdoms each in turn swearing fealty to the Serpent Emperor. They have adopted the serpent as their spiritual totem, and tend to favor dress made up of (or designed to suggest) snake skin or dragon scales.

The Ostral-B empire controls Coratia and Estium almost completely; as such, their empire is generally referred to as the Ostral-B Pair.

The Brunnen-G

Endemic to the southern regions of Brundonica, the Brunnen-G are cultured and civilized, with well-developed warrior and poetic traditions. They tend to form small kingdoms and are known for their fierce code of honor.

The Marram-N

The Marram-N are a culture of peaceful philosophers and scientists.


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