Mendelbrot's Curios

Mendelbrot’s Curios is a store of the odd and unusual. It is owned by Mendelbrot, a peculiar gnome who has been doing business for longer than anyone in the city can remember.

The shop is a place to go to buy the strange and unusual, as well as the useful and effective. Mendelbrot employs a few artificers and crofters, and prides himself on selling only the highest-quality merchandise. However, he refuses to deal in weapons; he will neither buy nor sell them, and will not discuss the matter if asked.

Mendelbrot’s features several strange creatures made of wood, gears and wire. These creatures occasionally handle the more minor customers.

The climate inside the store is always comfortable, and a small device in one of the corners delivers a complimentary beverage Mendelbrot calls “cappuccino” to his customers.

Player Activity

Prior to his investiture, Adram Thorssen was an employee of Mendelbrot.

The characters were charged with the retrieval of a strange chest from a lost caravan by Mendelbrot.

The characters were offered a job doing a favor for the Sheriff of Levenshire by Mendelbrot.

Mendelbrot's Curios

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