Mistwick is a small trade city located on the southern frontier of the kingdom of Barrowbrook, roughly a day’s travel from the Twin Titans. It has a population of 9,900, mainly Brunnen-G human, but with a representative sample of most of the major races of Parthenos.

Mistwick is built around Sydslot Castle, the border crossing along the Old Spice Road between Barrowbrook and Kirkhill Downs. In the spice trade’s heyday, it saw many caravans daily traveling between Pelunion and the southern reaches. Ever since the Long War, though, trade has dried up and the caravans are much less frequent.


Mistwick is run by a mayor, who is appointed by the King of Barrowbrook. The mayor, in turn, appoints ministers, who help manage the town’s affairs.

Mistwick is a free city, though it is located at the southern edge of Levenshire. By statute, the powers of Mistwick’s mayor and ministers end at the city wall.


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