Playing In This Game

On this page, you will find the basic guidelines by which this campaign will be run, as well as the things you should know as a player. If you only read one page on this wiki, make it this one (though you should probably at least skim the others).

The rules set is D&D 3.5, with fairly extensive houseruling. The house rules in use can be found at the Mishmash. They are not as extensive (or exactly the same as) the Pathfinder rules changes, though some might be fairly similar. Some of these rules changes are for the sake of closing game-breaking holes that exist in the standard rules. Others are intended as quality-of-life changes. If you have any confusion about how something works, check with the DM.

While combat will be a part of this game, it will (hopefully) not be all that you are doing. If your character is only able to handle himself in combat, he might very well get bored during the less bashy parts. However, Parthenos is a dangerous world, so having the durability of a wet tissue isn’t recommended either.

Characters will start at level 3, and will use a 32-point buy system. Any race with a +2 or less level adjust is permitted, except for orcs; for story reasons, there are no creatures with orc blood anywhere in the world. If the race you are choosing is native to another campaign setting (such as warforged for Eberron, or sun elves for Forgotten Realms), check with the DM before rolling.

You will start with standard wealth for a level 3 character (2700g). You must spend enough so that you have less than 50g left in coin. You may not spend any more than half your character’s wealth on a single item. In addition, every character may have a single “free” magical item worth less than 2000g; this “heirloom” represents a gift from your character’s patron and may not be sold or traded away.

Here is the explicit list of allowable sources:

  • Any material that appears on the Barrowbrook Frontier wiki.
  • Material from the Mishmash not specifically marked E7.
  • Any WotC book bearing the Dungeons & Dragons logo that is not specific to a campaign setting, with the exception of Unearthed Arcana.
  • Expanded material from the website.
  • Dragon Magazine 274 – 359, with DM approval.
  • Any other material specifically approved by the DM.
  • Material from Unearthed Arcana approved by the DM.

Here is the order of precedence for rules conflicts:

  • The Brookbarrow Frontier wiki
  • The Mishmash.
  • Official errata
  • The SRD
  • Published material in inverse publication order

Within those guidelines, any combination is permissible. Build the character you want to play.

Feats from any non-campaign setting-specific source are allowed. Characters may take up to two flaws from any WotC or Paizo source, though failure to adequately RP those flaws will be punished. Any variant class or alternate class feature published in the above-named materials is allowed, unless specifically contradicted by the Mishmash.

It is advised that you discuss your character concept and planned progression with the DM prior to play, to ensure that no loopholes are being exploited. The DM will take pains to allow you to play your character as you want him to be, and powerful characters are not ruled out or discouraged. However, obviously game-breaking characters will be adjusted as needed.

Playing In This Game

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