Reeds is a Royal Shire of Barrowbrook. It is located on the shores of the Rodian Ocean on Barrowbrook’s southern border. It is approximately four miles by six miles, and is mostly forest.


Reedshire was established in the early days of the kingdom. Its remoteness and relatively poor soil meant that it was never terribly well-populated, and its distance from Pelunion meant that its timber reserves were never really exploited. Nonetheless, as a Royal Shire, a presence was maintained there in two small farming communities, and a keep was built to overlook the mouth of Tweadle Creek.

Unfortunately, the proximity of Reeds to Shadowlight Moor meant that the occasional roving undead usually entered Barrowbrook]] along its borders. Thus, Reeds gained a reputation as a cursed land, and more and more people, yeoman and serf alike, found excuses to move to other, safer shires. Finally, in the winter of 339, an unusually large blight of undead swarmed through the shire, and killed or drove off all the hardy souls who remained. Since then, Reeds has lain abandoned and uninhabited.


Most of Reeds is covered by the southern end of Fallhollow Forest. The terrain is hilly in places, and rises sharply to the east towards the ocean. Tweadle Creek empties into the ocean through the only break in these high cliffs.


There are no official residents of Reeds as of July 343. There may be some hermits or other loners making their home in the woods, but they are not known to or sanctioned by the crown.

Player Activity

On 29 July 343, the players were named lords of Reeds and given fief over the shire.


The map of the Shire of Reeds as it appeared in July 343 is posted in the Maps section. The scale of this map is one hex equal to five hundred feet.


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