Rivercrest is a small town located at the intersection of the Old Spice Road and the River Zev in Kirkhill Downs. It has a population of approximately four hundred, mostly subsistence farmers and a few traders.

Rivercrest is on the southern bank of the river. The Zev at Rivercrest is wide and fairly deep, too deep to ford easily, so a bridge was constructed in the days of the spice trade. The bridge still stands and a toll is still collected, at least, on days when the toll-keeper feels like going out to sit in the sun.

The town has a single inn called the Mighty Goblet. The innkeeper’s name is Simmons.

Player Activity

The players passed through Rivercrest in pursuit of the missing caravan.

The beta party passed through Rivercrest attempting to track the one responsible for the massacre at Caranton.


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