Shadowlight Moor

Shadowlight Moor is a large wetland located on a small peninsula, jutting out from Brightwood Forest in the Southern Reaches. While called a moor, it is technically a brackwater bog with an unusual amount of tree cover.

The moor is home to a number of strange creatures. The trees keep the air relatively still despite its proximity to the sea. There are no roads through the moor and travel across it is slow and difficult. The air is generally described as thick and foul, and at night, strange orange glows can be seen in its depths.

While ruins of various kinds exist in the moor, its most notable feature is Rothsterne Tower, located on the far eastern end.

While some particularly bold entrepreneurs gather peat from the moor for sale as fuel in the towns of the Southern Reaches and the kingdom of Barrowbrook, the unpleasant air and dangerous denizens of the moor effectively serve to discourage most visitors.

Shadowlight Moor

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