North of the Wall

North of the wall is the kingdom of Barrowbrook, nestled between the mountains and the sea. While it was once a thriving port kingdom, with great wealth passing through its cities, it has now gone into decline. The Long War dried up the spice trade and with it, Barrowbrook’s primary draw. Now, only the gold traders from the Southern Reaches have cause to come, and as their communities grow, even they make the journey across elven lands less and less.

South of the Wall

The vast expanse of unsettled land known as the Southern Reaches lies south of the wall of Barrowbrook. Once upon a time, before the Long War, the Spice Road hosted a dozen caravans a week traveling between Brightwood Forest and Barrowbrook’s ports. Now, the Spice Road lies in slow decay, with only the odd gold miner and unsavory character crossing from the forest or Shadowlight Moor.

Your Place in the World

Your kingdom is in decline, and everything is changing. Giant ruins dot the landscape, and south of the wall things are getting worse. Bandits and Zardoz-K raiders roam free and wide, and horrors from the necromancer’s tower are emerging more and more regularly from the moor. Barrowbrook needs heroes, and there are great rewards to be earned.

But who will those heroes be?

The Barrowbrook Frontier is on hiatus.

The Barrowbrook Frontier

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